Thursday, May 10, 2012

end of time

This shall officially be my last entry here.
It has been an enjoyable 6+ years of writing on this blog since dec 2004.
( is gonna be greatly missed :D)
The reason why I decided to stop writing here is due to the fact that my entries have been pretty emo since last year till now. Not that I wanted it but somehow it was life itself that brought me situations which made me less jovial than before as much as I hate to admit.
So I wanted a change.
Not that I'm gonna stop writing, I just wanted something different. something new.
Hence, I've gotten myself another new blog.
Something new makes me happier somehow.
It's gonna be a comeback for me now I guess. Or so I hope.

Not that I've got legions of readers but (if any),
find me HERE!

Farewell for now.